1976 | Catalyst - Part 2

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Black Box Poetry Series

December 3, 4, and 16, 1976.

Three programs presenting poetry highlighted by music and/or dance.

Gilbert Sagel

November 18-20, 1976.

A cabaret-style performance of original songs and poetry.

Dee Kohanna and Trio

October 22, 1976.

Dee Kohanna and Trio. Jazz Vocalist Kohanna presented an evening concert.

A Renaissance Concert.

October 15 and 16, 1976.

A concert of songs and dances from the Renaissance period, performed by the group Nymphs & Satyrs. Organized by Pamela Zulli.Max 90 Premium SE

Dance concert

September 24 and 25, 1976.

Dance concert with Michele Pecora and members of the Contemporary Music Forum.

Dance/Theater Improvisation

September 17 and 18, 1976.
Organized by Margaret Ramsay.
An evening of improvisational dance theater presented by Free Association with music by Crossing Point. Air Jordan VII 7.5 Ture Flight

Ralph Davis Quintet.

July 30, 1976.

A jazz concert of original compositions and pieces from Charlie Parker’s period to the present.

Pomba Giras Festival

July 17, 1976.

Pomba Giras Festival. A thirteen hour festival presented by The Bird and the Dirt, including films, video, live performances, and dancing. The purpose of the festival was to raise funds for The Bird and the Dirt’s European tour. Organized by Jonas dos Santos.Nike

Meredith Monk and the House Dance Troupe

June 18 and 19, 1976.

Meredith Monk and the House Dance Troupe. Performance.


June 4 and 5, 1976.
Artists: Frederick Baal, Anne West and Oliver Strebelle
A production by the Theatre Laboratoire Vicinal of a one-woman piece written by Frederick Baal, starring Anne West with sculptures by Oliver Strebelle as props.Kids Clothes