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The Other Museum

February 9 – March 14, 1991

Artist: Fred Wilson.
Curated by Alan Prokop.
An installation of a museum showing the racism of early anthropologists and ethnologists. Part of the Power and Spirit exhibition with Renee Stout’s Spirit House.
Nike Benassi Slide


February 9 – March 14, 1991

Artist: Steven Currier Daiber.
An exhibition of drawings and paintings on illustrations torn from ancient books of science and medicine.

Survivors: Photographs of Gypsies in Slovakia

February 9 – March 14, 1991

Artists: Miso and Lida Suchy.

11th Annual Art Auction

November 17, 1990

Works selected by consultant Christina Petra, board members Dave Brown, Tom Green, and Denise Ward Brown, Marilyn Zeitlin, Alan Prokop, and consultant Sherley Koteen. Artists include Pacita Abad, Theodore Adamstein, Katherine T. Andrle, Sharron Antholt, John D. Antone, Kristine Yuki Aono, Margery freeman Appelbaum, Shahla Arbabi, Ken D. Ashton, Mildred E. Baldwin, Marcel Bardon, Allene Bary-Cooper, Cynthia Baush, Benita Berman, Linda Bills, Ed Bisese, Lisa Brotman, David Brown, Douglas Brown, Gillian Brown, Wilfred Robert Brunner, Wayne Edson Bryan, Jim Burkholder, Viola Burley Leak, Kendall Buster, David Carlson,Cheryl Casteen, George Chang, William Christenberry, Y. David Chung, Robert Colescott, Patrick Craig, Noche Crist, Elizabeth Curren, Betsy A. Damos, Joan Danziger, Georgia Deal, Darrell Dean, John Dickson, James Drake, Ariane DuBois, Stephen Dueno, William Dunlap, Felipe Ehrenberg, Robert Epstein, Elizabeth Falk, Ann Fessler, Susan Paul Firestone, Charles Flickinger, David Folkman, Fred Folsom, Richard Ford, Jr., George Fox, Pat Fox, Helen C. Frederick, Kerima Gabbay, Chris Gardner, Forces Gathering, Sam Gilliam, Carol Brown Goldberg, Simon Gouverneur, Tom Green, Daniel M. Hale, Daniel Hall, Sinclair Hamilton, Susan J. Harlan, Jim Harrison, Suzanne Hellmuth, George Hemphill, Lois Hennessey, Kevin A. Hluch, Margaret Hluch, Ricardo Hoegg, Margo Humphrey, Richard Hunt, Suzanne Hellmuth, Agnes Jacobs, Judy Jashinsky, Jeremy Jelenfy, Joyce Jewell, R. Neville Johnston, Stacey Jones, Michael Katz, Sheila Keefe, Joanne Kent, Edith Kuhnle, Leslie Kuter, Mokha Laget, Marianne LaRoche, Linda Lewett, Richard Lipscher, Willem de Looper, Jenni Lukac, Kevin MacDonald, Diana Marta, Percy B. Martin, Allyn Massey, Debra-Attiya Melton, Judy Miller, Tom Miller, Jerry Monteith, Nan Montgomery, Stephen T. Moore, Larry Morris, Thomas Mullany, Tom Nakashima, William Newman, Jeanne O’Donnell, Katya Oxman, Betsy Packard, Lawley Paisley-Jones, Nancy Hetenyi Palmer, Kevin M. Parker, Michael B. PLatt, Nadezda Prvulovic, Jock Reynolds, W.C. Richardson, Anne Rowland, John Ryan, Sherry Zvares Sanbria, Tomoaki Sasaki, Lisa Scheer, Lynn Schmidt, Henry Leo Schoebel, Joe Shannon, Frank Smith, Jeffrey Smith, Lila Snow, Judy Southerland, Alan Stone, Surprise Box, Lea Topping, Andrea Vaiksnoras Uravitch, Denise Ward-Brown, Mel Watkin, Megan Weikel, James Lesesne Wells, Laura Wesley-Ford, Kathleen Betty Williams, Yuriko Yamaguchi.

Approx. 1,400 members and $1.1 million budgetadidas

Picture a World of Happy Children – Washington’s Youth Without Homes

October 16, 1990

Panel Discussion. Presented in conjunction with Shooting Back: Photography By and About the Homeless.Men’s Tops

Ulrich Suesse Residency

September 24 – October 15, 1990

Fred Douglas Residency

June 15-30, 1990

Artist: Fred Douglas.
Douglas is a photographer specializing in experimental processes and documentation of everyday objects and landscapes
Air Max 1 Ultra Essential

Tom Nakashima and Lynn Schmidt

June 7, 1990.

Gallery talk about Nakashima’s work.

Francois Deschamps

May 24, 1990

Lecture on low-budget limited edition printing.

New Music: Interactive Media Workshop

May 2, 1990

New Music: Interactive Media Workshop.