2006 | Catalyst

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Hickok Cole Art Night

October 26, 2006

Private art auction to benefit WPA\C

WPA\C Members Night at the Corcoran Gallery of Art

September 14, 2006

WPA\C members give feedback to staff and meet new Corcoran Director Paul Greenhalgh.

Silver Anniversary WPA\C Annual Gala

February 11

Artists include David Adamo, Trevor Amery, Ken D. Ashton, Jorge Miguel Benitez, John Blee, Nancy Blum, Gina Brocker, Colby Caldwell, Luise E. Camejo, Norman S. Carr, Jose Leon Cerrillo, Chan Chao, William Christenberry, Jon Conner, Paula Crawford, Krank Hallam Day, Tim Devoe, John Dickson, Fiona Donaghey Ross, Laurel Farrin, Suzanne Fields, R.M. Fischer, Michael Fitts, Travis Fullerton, Amy Gartrell, Jim Goldberg, Teo Gonzales, Tom Green, Michael Gross, Lason Gubbiotti, Emily Hall, Muriel Hasbun, Arthur David Hash, Myron Helfgott, George Herms, James Helleary, Tom Texas Holmes, Susan Jamison, Ronald Johnson, Jacob Kainen, Madeline Keesing, David Kohan, Martin J. Kotler, Katie Krebs, Los Animistas, Marcos Lutyens, Matt Magee, Michael McCall, Glen McClure, Tommy Mew, Linn Meyers, Joe Mills, Ledelle Moe, Carlton Newton, Sue Papa, Graham Parker, Lucian Perkins, Megan Pflug, Alain Pino Hernandez, Adam Putnam, W.C. Richardson, Marie Ringwald, Richard Roth, Eleanor Rufty, Paul Ryan, Diego Sanchez, Ellen Sinel, Anne Slaughter, Claudia Smigrod, Carroll Sockwell, Tanja Softic, Merry Spagnoli, Betsy Stewart, Renee Stout, Mattew Suib, Noelle Tan, Peter Thomas, Randy Toy, Elif Uras, Bernis von zur Muehlen, Mindy Weisel, Fritz Welch, Saskia Wilson-Brown, Lloyd Wolf, Trevor Young.

Auction curated by Philip Brookman, Kendall Buster, Howie Chen, Jean Efron, Ashley Kistler, Adolfo V. Nodal, Sally Troyer.

Held at Corcoran. Alice Denney gave the Alice Denney Award to board members Susan and Dixon Butler.

Artists Talk for Conversions exhibition at Ellipse Arts Center

September 14, 2006

Member Salons @ Flashpoint

September 2006 – June 2007

Salons in which local artist members could present and discuss their work with each other

Experimental Media Series

March 30, April 26, and May 24

Experimental Media Series I
, Co-curated by Kathryn Cornelius & Djakarta
Night #1 – After Effects
, Curated by Kathryn Cornelius, 
March 30, 2006
Noah Angell, Diran Lyons & Jesse Wilson, Meredith Moore & Kevin O’Meara, Rob Parrish, Patrick Resing, Jose Ruiz, Jose Ruiz & Stoff Smulson, Chad Stayrook, Champ Taylor, Jacques Louis Vidal, Jason Zimmerman, videohippos

Night #2 – Antithesis, 
April 26, 2006, Curated by Djakarta
Chris McDaniel, Diane Dwyer, Joe Reinsel, Chris Royalty, Brian Twilley, Lisa Erdman, Rachele Riley, Chris McDaniel, Holly Bass, Mike Shaffer

Night #3 – Duped!
, May 24, 2006,  
Juried by Kathryn Cornelius & Djakarta
Layne Garrett, Stefan Prosky, Deborah Wing-Sproul, Lauren Duque, Tyler Fox & Brent Harris, Bahar Behbahani, Asymmetric Affinity DC,  Claire Zitzow, Joe Reinsel

Exchange: DC @ Richmond

December 1-31, 2006

Curated by Gabriel Martinez. Artists: Breck Brunson, Avi Gupta, Nilay Lawson, Carrie Mallory, Isabel Manalo, Piero Passacantando, Solomon Sanchez, Molly Springfield, Rocky Wang, and Jason Zimmerman.

Exchange: DC/Richmond

November 10 – December 10, 2006

Curated by Tosha Grantham. Artists: Sanford Biggers, S. Ross Browne, Caryl Burtner, Sonya Clark, Taliaferro Logan, Ayo Ngozi, and Heidi Trepanier.

Experimental Media Series II

September 27, October 18, November 29

Co-curated by Peggy Parsons, Head, Department of Film Programs, National Gallery of Art & Paul Roth, Curator of Photography & Media Arts, Corcoran Gallery of Art)

Night #1 – Cowboys, Cliches, Codes, and Conspiracies
, September 27, 2006, 
Curated by Peggy Parsons
Lisa Blatt,  Paris Bustillos,  Jennifer , Chris Lynn,  Lilly McElroy,  Roger Ngim, Erik Olofsen, Randall Packer, Rob Parrish, James Schneider, Ann Steuernagel , Gail Scott White, Ben Coonley

Night #2 – Rocky Mountain Twilight, 
October 18, 2006
, Curated by Paul Roth
Stan Brakhage, Robert Schaller, Andrew Busti, Victor Jendras, Mary Beth Reed, Stacey Steers, Dan Boord & Luis Valdovino, Thomas Helman, Casey Koehler, Phil Solomon

Night #3 – Silver Wings, 
November 29, 2006
, Juried by Peggy Parsons & Paul Roth
Peng Hung-Chi, Lynn Cazabon , David Ellsworth, Lynn Marie Kirby, Karla Carballar, Graciela Fuentes, Leslie Furlong, Janis Crystal Lipzin, Cynthia Lovett, Robbie Land, David Crawford, Jimmy Joe Roche, Jennifer Levonian, Aaron Valdez

Exchange: DC/Baltimore

September 16 – October 21, 2006

Curated by Gabriel Martinez. Artists: Breck Brunson, Avi Gupta, Nilay Lawson, Carrie Mallory, Isabel Manalo, Piero Passacantando, Solomon Sanchez, Molly Springfield, Rocky Wang, Jason Zimerman