2001 | Catalyst

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www.fivethings.com Benefit at Hemphill Fine Arts for WPA\C

October 11, 2001

A silent auction to benefit WPA\C sponsored by the Washington-based art commentary website

Artist Coffee in the Café


One Thursday a month at the Corcoran Gallery of Art Café with free coffee

Creative Control: A Series for Artists; Part 1: Law for Visual Artists

November 13, 2001

Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts (WALA) presents

“Five Things”

October 11, 2001

Online colloquy, created by Huckepahler that invites artist to share a list of what’s on their minds.

Panel Discussion and lecture

September – December, 2001

Panel Discussion and lecture examining the controversy over The Perfect Moment: Robert Mapplethorpe. Films by Fred Worden, Mark Street, and Lynn Sachs. Video and Sound event by local artist Chessie and artist Kurt Ralske with computer driven video, introduced by Paul Roth


March 16, 2001

Lecture by the peformance art group on their work. Co-sponsored by the Goethe-Institut

Beyond Art and Technology

March 3, 2001 (Saturday)

Lecture series. Lectures included “Art and Technology: The Panacea That Might Yet Succeed After All?” by Erkki Huhtamo; “Freefall: The Artistic Process and Sound Art” by Paul Miller (DJ Spooky); and “Stop Playing Games: Artistic Autonomy Amid Institutionalization, Commercialization, and Globalization” by Timothy Druckrey

The Artist’s Message Shaping Public Policy: A Dialogue

March 2, 2001 (Friday)

Panel discussion with Drew Clark, Timothy Druckrey, and Paul Miller (DJ Spooky)

WPA\C Collaborates with NASA to Paint a Mural

December 2001 – January 2002

The artist member and Corcoran instructor William Newman led a group of artists in painting a mural; the group also gave lectures to school children about being an artist, and some of the artists went to the Hubbell Research Center to view NASA’s telescope technology

Arts on Foot

September 22, 2001

An annual event featuring open artist studios, gallery and museum programs, performances, cooking demonstrations, and art sales. Artists were also invited to paint a mural on the fence surrounding the National Portrait Gallery