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Mark Fishman and Leslie Lerner

Nov. 6-30, 1979.

Mark Fishman and Leslie Lerner. Temporary Indoor Site Specific Installation Pieces: A Chinese Visible Horizon.

David Wheeler

Nov. 6-30, 1979.

David Wheeler. Temporary Indoor Site Specific Installation Pieces : Co-Media.

John Feckner and Stanley Cakes

Nov. 6-30, 1979.

John Feckner and Stanley Cakes. Temporary Indoor Site Specific Installation Pieces ( guerilla artists).

Leonard Cave

Nov. 6-30, 1979.

Leonard Cave. Temporary Indoor Site Specific Installation Pieces (Washington based sculptor).

Game of Flyers

November 1, 1979 – March 30, 1980.

Alice Aycock. Game of Flyers. A Washington Art Site project at 12th and G Streets NW reminiscent of a medieval carnival or battlefield that included various machines and structures intended to propel one into flight. Large troughs were burned into the ground in the form of ancient Tantric imageadidas Yeezy kaufen

Coming + Going: Washington Metro

October 26, 1979.

Peter D’Agostino. Coming + Going: Washington Metro. A site-specific installation in the L’Enfant Plaza metro station

The Biggest Cowboy Boots in the World

September 1 – November 1, 1979.

Robert Wade/WPA. The Biggest Cowboy Boots in the World. For the Art Site Project. WPA’s first temporary public site project, a 40 foot tall pair of cowboy boots situated on an empty lot. (dates noted in pen) 12th and G Streets, NWNike News

Films at WPA

April 4 and 5, 1979.

Walter Keller and Walter Kravitz. Films at WPA. Keller’s film “America First” depicted a misguided and loveless adventure in a 60s commune, and Kravitz’s animation “A Country Doctor” extended his ideas in drawing and collage. Organized by Mark GulezianAir Max 90 Ultra Moire

Continuous Video

January 15 – February 15, 1979.

Continuous Video. A wide assortment of works by video artists from throughout the United States and video performances by Alec Bernstein and Pat Molella. Curated by Al Nodal.Accessories

Coming and Going

Jan. 1-30, 1979.

Peter d’Agostino. “Coming and Going”: Paris (Metro) San Francisco (BART). Videotapes and a proposal for Washington