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WPA Press Release

May 21, 1992

Marilyn Zeitlin announces her resignation, effective June 1. She leaves WPA to become Director of the University Art Museum at Arizona State University, Tempe. Zeitlin is credited with starting the Open City program, which generated art activity in underserved neighborhoods. Don Russell becomes executive director and staff is cut to five: Executive Director, Director of Development, Director of Community Outreach, and Bookstore Manager, and programming assistant.Nike Jordan

The 13th Annual Art Auction

November 21, 1992

Participating artists include Pacita Abad, Steve Adams, Theodore Adamstein, Annie Lek Adjchavanich, Francisco Alvarado-Juarez, Stharron Antholt, Kristine Aono, Tom Ashcraft, Mildred Baldwin, A. Clark Bedford, Benita Berman, Michael Anthony Berns, Ed Bisese, Erlena Bland, Lynn Bowers, David Brown, Gillian Brown, Valerie Brown, Wilfred Robert Brunner, Wayne Edson Bryan, Patricia Buck, Jim Burkholder, Patrick Burns, Kendall Buster, Craig Cahoon, Colby Caldwell, Howard Carr, Allen D. Carter, Cheryl Casteen, George Chang, William Christenberry, Y. David Chang, Manon Cleary, Suzanne Codi, Don Cook, Patrick Craig, Noche Crist, Rebecca Cross, Steven Cushner, Eglon Daley, Virginia Daley, Betsy Damos, Richard Dana, Joan Danziger, Rebecca Davenport, William Dempsey III, John L. Dreyfuss, Stephen Dueno, William Dunlap, Charma le Edmonds, Susan Firestone, Carolton Fletcher, Fred Folsom, Richard D. Ford, Patricia Tobacco Forrester, Helen C. Frederick, Inga Frick, Hayes Friedman, Kerima Gabbay, Sam Gilliam, Carol Goldberg, Janis Goodman, John Gossage, Tom Green, Lee Haner, Greg Hannan, Susan Harlan, Bill Harris, Nancy Hart, George Hemphill, Max Hershfeld, James Hilleary, Karen Holzberg, Agnes Jacobs, Judy Jashinsky, Joyce Jewell, Jacob Kainen, Maria Karametou, Madeleine Kessing, Patrice Kehoe, Joanne Kent, Don Kimes, Kitty Klaidman, M. J. Kotler, David Krueger, Leslie Kuter, Sidney Lawrence, Parbara Josephs Liotta, Stephen Ludlum, Keven MacDonald, Maxwell MacKenzie, Rossella Matamoros, Fred McGann, Thomas W. McGuire, W. Reid McIntyre, Jean Meisel, Joe Mills, Nan Montgomery, Stephen Moore, Thomas Mullany, Jody Mussoff, Tom Nakashima, Mary Noble Ours, Katja Oxman, Lawley Paisley-Jones, Elizabeth Pajak, Nancy Palmer, Michael Platt, Annette Polan, Donna Reinsel, W.C. Richardson, Michael Ringland, Arturo Rivera, Wendy Ross, Raimundo Rubio, John Ruppert, Jim Sanborn, Deirdre Saunder, Lisa Scheer, Lynn Schmidt, Julie Schneider, Christopher DeWitt Simmons, Michael Smallwood, Frank Smith, Lila Snow, Jorge Somarriba, Alan Stone, Renee Stout Lynn Sures, Rob Szabo, Linda Thern-Smith, Ray Tollison, Lea Topping, Andrea Uravitch, John Van Alstine, Matt Walker, Mindy Weisel, Bebe Williams, Sara YerkesBoots

WPA Benefit at ZEI

September 9, 1992

A benefit at the nightclub ZEI to showcase the work of WPA member artists and launch the fall 1992 season.Adidas sneakers

Leap Day Art Sale!

February 29, 1992

A one-day sale of 100 small works by local artists, all priced at $200.Air Jordan V 5 Shoes

Ten Minutes

June 22, 1992

A two-hour public forum where artists made ten-minute presentations about their work.Nike Sneakers

Dis-cussion Series

June 10, 17, and 24, 1992

Organized by the WPA, the painter George Mason, and art professor Walter Kravitz.
A series of informal, participatory panel discussions on selected topics. June 10: “Space-Fictive and Otherwise.” June 17: “Science and Art for You and Me – A Primer.” June 24: “Art Criticism/Literary Criticism.”

Pushing the Envelope

April 11-12, 1992

A weekend of workshops, panel discussions, and talks to coincide with the mail and networking-arts event “Worldwide Decentralized Networker Congress 1992.” The events focused on non-commodity art, artists’ networking activities, and the politics and history of non-commodity art forms.Air Max 95 Jacquard Flyknit

M.M. Lum

February 24 – March 21, 1992

Artist: M. M. Lum.
Residency during which Lum worked on paintings using leaves as the basis for a poetic language.
Nike Benassi Slide

Randi Trinka

February 4-14, 1992

Artist: Rando Trinka.
Residency for Drawing in Situ.
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Gallery talk by the Gazing Into Fire artists

February 1, 1992

Artists: Reid McIntyre and Joseph Mills.