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WPA 12th Annual Auction

November 16, 1991

Artists include Pacita Abad, Theodore Adamstein, Katherine T. Andrle, John D. Antone, Kristine Yuki Aono, Margery Freeman Appelbaum, Tom Ashcraft, Mildred Baldwin, Allene Bary-Cooper, Ed Bisese, Lynn Flannagan Bowers, James Brinsfield, Gillian Brown, David Brown, Wayne Edson Bryan, Jim Burkholder, Viola Burley Leak, Patrick B. Burns, Kendall Buster, Colby Caldwell, David Scott Carlson, Howard Carr, Allen Carter, Cheryl Casteen, George Chang, Peter Charles, William Christenberry, Y. David Chung, Suzanne Codi, Charles Alexander Colburn, Noche Crist, Rebecca Cross, Joan Danziger, Willem de Looper, Georgia Deal, Darrell Dean, John Dreyfuss, Stephen Dueno, William Dunlap, Andrew Dunnill, Robert Epstein, Elizabeth C. Falk, Ann Fessler, Susan Paul Firestone, Sharon Fishel, Carlton Fletcher, David Folkman, Richard D. Ford Jr., Patricia Tobacco Forrester, Pat Fox, Helen C. Frederick, Hayes Friedman, David B. Frye, Kerima Gabbay, Chris Gardner, Sam Gilliam, John Haywood Glassie, Carol Brown Gldberg, Jan Goudy, Tom Green, Greg Hannan, Susan Harlan, Suzanne Hellmuth (and Jock Reynolds), George Hemphill, Margaret Hluch, Ricardo Hoegg, Jason Horowitz, Agnes Jacobs, Judy Jashinsky, Jeremy Jelenfy, Jacob Kainen, Michael Katz, Joanne Kent, John Kirchner, Martin Kotler, Edith Kuhnle, Mokha Laget, Charman Le Edmonds, Tom Levine, Linda Lewett, Barbara Josephs Liotta, Kevin MacDonald,  Gayle Mandle, Percy B. Martin, Allyn Massey, W. Reid McIntyre, Joseph Martin Mills, Nan Montgomery, Larry Morris, Thomas Mullany, Tom Nakashima, Matias O’Donnell, Katja Oxman, Betsy Packard, Lawley Paisley-Jones, Elizabeth Pajak, Michael B. Platt, Annette Polan,, Mark Power, Jock Reynolds, Seth Rosenberg, John Ryan, Tomoaki Sasaki, Lisa Scheer, Lynn Schmidt, Joe Shannon, Frank Smith, Jeffrey Smith, Lila Snow, Jeff Spaulding, Hugh Steers, Alan Stone, Renee Stout, William Suworoff, Linda Thern-Smith, Lea Topping, Catherine Walker, F.L. Wall, Denise Ward-Brown, James Lesesne Wells, William Willis, Lenore Winters, Yuriko Yamaguchi.Nike

Open Studio 1991

April 6-7, 13-14, and 20-21, 1991

The public was invited to tour studios in the greater Washington area over three weekends. Co-sponsored with Arlington Arts Center and Rockville Arts Place.nike news

Burn Time: An International Art Collaboration about Atmospheric Degradation

May 27-31 and June 2 – August 18, 1991

Curated by Cheryl Casteen and Charles Flickinger.
In May, a five-day audiovisual (mail, telephone, and fax) exchange took place between artists in Washington and Auckland, New Zealand. From June to August, the audiovisual materials were displayed in an installation in the window of the Jenifer Building.


January 17 – March 14, 1991

Artist: Linda Herritt.
An installation in WPA’s front window about the funding of “obscene” art using black lace fabric and reproductions of letters from the National Endowment Reauthorization Hearings.
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Icono Negro II

September 21 – November 24, 1991

Curated by Philip Mallory Jones.
Screenings of television and video programs from sub-Saharan African countries.
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Miso Suchy: Dzhavas Mange Dlugone Dromeha – I Came up a Long Road

February 9 – March 17, 1991

Artist: Miso Suchy.
In WPA’s media gallery, a 30-minute documentary film follows Miso Suchy through a Gypsy village.adidas

New Music Performance: Atau Tanaka

May 9, 1991.

Artist: Tanaka.
Composer Tanaka presented live compositions for the NeXT computer in WPA’s galleries.Nike Jordan

New Music Performance: Henry Gwiazda

April 25, 1991

Artist: Henry Gwiazda.
A music performance using a guitar to control a digital sampler and borrowed samples of songs and electric guitar.
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Larry Andrews, Shu Lea Chang, and Francesc Torres Exhibition

December 14, 1991 – February 23, 1992

Artists: Larry Andrews, Shu Lea Chang, and Francesc Torres.
Curated by Lucy Lippard.

Mixed Blessings: New Art in a Multicultural America

December 14, 1991 – February 23, 1992

Curated by Lucy Lippard.
A keystone exhibition including works in a variety of media by American artists of color made between 1979 and 1991. The works examined crosscultural currents in the United States.
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