1990s | Catalyst - Part 2

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Options ’99

September 20 – November 20, 1999

Artists include Kim Baranowski, Franck Cordes, Maribeth Egan, Eddie Janney, David G. Jung, Nina Martinek, Jason Peters, Renee Rendine, and Mica Scalin. Included a screening of independent film shorts and features by Mary Billou, Allison Sheedy, and Eric Cheevers. Music mixes by Breedlove 500 and DJ Cloudburst.
Curated by Victoria Reis. At projectspace at the Corcoran.
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May 7 – June 26, 1999

Artists: Marilyn Brogan, Sherman Fleming, Dawn Kasper, Adam Meuse, David Page, Honor Robie, Peter Tascarella, Clay Wellman, and Joe Wills. Performers include Esmerelda and her Dancing Boys and James Brown’s Upside Down Midget Extravaganza among others.
A sculpture exhibition co-curated by Laura McGough and Paul Brewer.

Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit


March-April 1999

Artists: Richard Chartier, Derrick De Borja, Aylene Fallah, Kate Farrall, Crisley McCarson, Joan Van Sledright, and Katarina Wong.
Curated by Elizabeth Schlatter.
A multi-media art exhibition that explored various aspects of fuzziness, including vision, sound, memory, identity, and fuzzy logic.  Included three nights of film, poetry readings, and performance art.
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Art Auction

November 14, 1998

Artists include Annie Adjchavanich, Nicholas Africano, Kristine Yuki Aono, Ken D. Ashton, H. Ron Banks, A. Clark Bedford, Danielle Bensky, Ed Bisese, Jonathan Blum, Lynn Flanagan Bowers, Lisa Montag Brown, John H. Brown, Jr., Wayne Edson Bryan, Kendall Buster, Francis T. Byrne, Chan Chao, Peter Charles, Richard Chartier, Hsin-Hsi Chen, William Christenberry, Y. David Chung, Sara Clark, Manon Cleary, Suzanne Codi, Karl Connolly, Don Cook, Anthony Caradetti, Franck Cordes, Patrick Craig, Paula Avery Crawford, Sheila Crawford, Noche Crist, Rebecca Cross, Steven Cushner, Eglon Daley, Virginia Daley, Derrick J. De Borja, William H. Demsey, III, Tara Donovan, John Dreyfuss, Peter Dubeau, Bill Dunlap, Susan Eder, Laurel Farrin, Kiki Felix, Sharon Fishel, Helen C. Frederick, Inga Frick, Hayes Friedman, Carol Frost, Steve Fuchs, Christopher Gardner, Sam Gilliam, Susan J. Goldman, Tom Green, Jason Gubbiotti, Greg Hannan, Linda Hesh, David Hess, Ellen Hill, Karen Holzberg, Brece Honeycutt, Jason Horowitz, James Huckenpahler, Tazuko Ichikawa, Erick Jackson, Martha Jackson-Jarvis, Judy Jashinsky, Jeremy Jelenfy, Rebecca Kamen, Maria Karametou, Katherine Kavanaugh, Patrice I. Kehoe, Barbara Kerne, Kim Kirkpatrick, Jae Ko, Martin J. Kotler, Robin Kranitzky, Kim Overstreet, Walter Kravitz, Edith Kuhnle, Kevin MacDonald, Max MacKenzie, Cecilia Mandrile, Roberta Marovelli, Quint Marshall, Jean Meisel, Joe Mills, David Mordini, Jody Mussoff, Sophia Nilsson, Lois Ordway, Mary Noble Ours, David Page, Beatrice Valdes Paz, Annette Polan, Laurel Quarberg, Calvin Edward Ramsburg, Nancy Reynolds, W.C. Richardson, Marie Ringwald, Charles Ritchie, Wendy Rodgers, Robin Rose, Tracy Rose, Seth Rosenberg, Wendy Ross, Deirdre Saunder, Lisa Scheer, Foon Sham, Rebecca Silberman, Jo Smail, Jeffrey Smith, Jeff Spaulding, Alan Stone, Lynn Sures, Tim Tate, Marisa Telleria-Diez, Dan Treado, Andres Tremols, F.L. Wall, Andrea Way, Rex Weil, Mindy Weisel, Howie Lee Weiss, Elizabeth Williams, Yuriko YamaguchiShop Womens Socks – View the Large Range

Sonic Boom: A Concert of New Music

October 1, 1998

A selection of music for flute, didjeridu, and tape by four Washington composersAir Max 1 Ultra Essential

Alberto Gaitán, Matt Dibble, Ron Anteroinen, and Neil Rosenbaum

September 19, 1998

A performance by the group’s self-organizing system of electro-acoustic improvisation.Nike Jordan

Inflatable Fable: The Bigger Something

April 2, 1998

Little Big Bang

Tranquil Crisis

September 11 – October 3, 1998

Installation by Robin RoseNike

Recent Paintings

September 11 – October 3,1998

An exhibition of abstract painting curated by Paula Crawford and W.C. Richardson.
Artists include Isabel Bigelow, Jason Gubbiotti, Eric Hibit, Taek Lee, Madalyn Marcus, Quint Marshall, Jacqueline Skaggs, and Sonia Denise Tassin.


June 11 – July25, 1998

Artists: Joel Stoehr, Gina Pierleoni, Susan Smith-Pinelo, among others.Air Max 90 SACAI