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Richard Bolton

March 2 – April 8, 1989.

Richard Bolton. The Whims of Change: The Construction of the Avant-Garde, 1980-1988. Exhibition combining ads, editorials, and text to explore the relationship between media, advertising, and avant-garde art. Curated by Philip Brookman and Robert Scott Brooks.Sneakers

WPA Art Auction

November 19, 1988.

WPA Art Auction. Artists include Theodore Adamstein, Nicholas Africano, Sharron Antholt, Catherine Batza, Tim Beard, Benita Berman, Raya Bodnarchuk, Natasha Brahm, David Brown, Gillian Brown, Emilie B. Brzezinski, Liz Carley, David Carlson, William Christenberry, Y. David Chung, Mark Clark, Manon Cleary, Suzanne Codi, Patrick M. Craig, Rebecca Cross, Steven Cushner, Robert Cwiok, Gene Davis, Willem de Looper, Darrel Dean, Cohn Drennan, William Dunlap, Susan Eder, Stephen Estrada, Elizabeth Falk, Susan Firestone, Sherman Fleming, Patricia Tobacco Forrester, Pat Fox, Helen C. Frederick, Christopher French, Kerima Gabbay, Chris Gardner, Carol Goldberg, John Gossage, Simon Gouverneur, Tom Green, Greg Hannan, Susan Harlan, Jacqueline Hayden, Tazuko Ichikawa, Martha Jackson-Jarvis, Agnes Jacobs, Judy Jashinsky, Jacob Kainen, Maria Karametou, Patrice Kehoe, Tom Kenyon, Kitty Klaidman, Walter Kravitz, David Krueger, Edith Kuhnle, Jacob Lawrence, Sidney Lawrence, Linda Lewett, Dale Loy, Kevin MacDonald, J.W. Mahoney, Anne Marchand, Percy Martin, Jerry C. Monteith, Thomas Mullany, Joddy Mussoff, Gayil Nails, Jeanne O’Donnell, Katja Oxman, Lawley Paisley-Jones, Nancy Hetenyi Palmer, Annette Polan, Richard Powell, Alan Prokop, Gail S Rebhan, Maurenn Reuter, W.C. Richardson, Mark Rooney, James Rosenquist, John Ryan, Lisa Scheer, Lynn Schmidt, Henry Leo Schoebel, Patricia Allott Silbert, Ellen Sinel, Charlie Sleichter, Jeffrey Smith, Lila Snow, Judy Southerland, Jeff Spaulding, Ronnie Speiwak, Robert Stark, Frank Stella, Betsy Stewart, Kristine Stiles, Alan Stone, Lynn Sures, John van Alstein, F.L. Wall, Danise Ward-Brown, Andrea Way, James L. Wells, William Wiley, David Wolfe, Yuriko Yamaguchi.Nike Business

Open Studio ’88

April 9-10 and 16-17, 1988.

Open Studio ’88. Self-guided walking tours of over 160 studios.

Howardena Pindell: Lecture

September 23, 1988.

Howardena Pindell. Lecture (in conjunction with residency). The artist addressed art world racism.

Maurice Berger: Lecture

Feb. 22, 1988

Lecture, Maurice Berger, asks, Can mainstream institutions incorporate art that intends to undermine the institutional hierarchies of the dominant culture? Answers yes. “While Berger missed the New York inbred circularity of his own ideological position, the power of academic language to exclude, and the hierarchical status he claimed for established artists, these problems were not lost on his astute Washington audience.”Air Max 90 Ultra 2.0 Essenti

Panel: Evening of Discussion with Artists in the Latino Community

Feb. 18, 1988

Panel, Evening of Discussion with Artists in the Latino Community. Moderator,s, Olivia Cadaval and Horacio Quintanilla. Panelists, Alicia Partenory, Gabriela Frings, Abel Lopez, Repato Salazar, and members of Latinegro.Nike Shox Deliver


Feb. 4, 1988

Panel, On the Concerns of Asian American Artists. Moderator, Margo Machida. Panelists, Y. David Chung, Sharon Lumho, Tom Nakashima, Yuriko Yamaguchi.Air Max Flair KPU

Judith Wilson: Lecture

January 28

Lecture by Judith Wilson: Beyond “Universality”: Community, Art and Self-Definition.

Workshop: Black Artists/White Artists

January 24, 1988.

Workshop: Black Artists/White Artists. A discussion group that examined the impact of the arts on racism.


January 24, 1988

BAWA’s installation is result of a five-hour public workshop, on four walls of an amphitheater. Addresses essential question, Is anyone really white?KD VIII Elite High