1982 | Catalyst

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Nancy Rubins: Worlds Apart.

October 17 – December 8, 1982.

Artist: Nancy Rubins.
Worlds Apart. A Washington Art Site project located on a grassy hill adjacent to the K Street ramp of the Whitehurst Freeway. The 30′ tall sculpture of a tornado was made of thousands of small broken household appliances.PW Human Race NMD

Allen D. Carter: Man Feeding Poor Man

April, 1982 – January, 1983.

Artist: Allen D. Carter.
Man Feeding Poor Man. A 10′ x 25′ mural on a boarded-up storefront at 408 7th St. NWAdidas Shoes

Hollis Frampton

March 18-19, 1982.

Artist: Hollis Frampton.
A screening of “Zorns Lemma,” “Lemon” and other films with a discussion led by Frampton.

Marty Martin: Videos

March 6, 1982.

Artist: Marty Martin.
Videos. Videos shown at a press and performers’ party to celebrate the opening of the new performance space.Men's Shorts – Shop Men's Shorts Online

Stephen Seemayer: Young Turks

January 23, 1982.

Artist: Stephen Seemayer.
Young Turks. A film documentary of 13 “downtown” L.A. artists.

Yvonne Rainer: Films

January 15, 1982.

Artist: Yvonne Rainer.
Films. A screening of “Trio A” and “Lives of Performers.”

Lyle Rosbotham: Kew

November 8-28, 1982.

Artist: Lyle Rosbotham.
Kew. A Bookworks installation using pages from Kew, a photographic book based on Kew Gardens

H. Terry Braunstein: Windows

September 24 – October 18, 1982.

Artist: H. Terry Braunstein.
Windows. A Bookworks exhibition of photo-montage pages from the artist’s recently published book. A book signing reception was held on September 24.SNEAKERS

Keith Smith: One-of-a-kind Bookwork

March 12 – April 10, 1982.

Keith Smith. One-of-a-kind Bookworks. Bookworks exhibition of handmade books.

Philip Lange and Keith Smith: Photo-Mural Screens

March 12 – April 10, 1982.

Philip Lange and Keith Smith. Photo-Mural Screens. A Bookworks exhibition of screens covered with large photographic portraits.Footwear