1981 | Catalyst

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Kevin Osborn: Bookworks

December 18, 1981 – January 16, 1982.

Kevin Osborn. Bookworks. An exhibition of the artist’s “Real Lush,” “Parallel,” and “Repro Memento.” This was the inagural exhibition in Bookworks.Nike

Neon Fronts: Luminous Art for the Urban Landscape

August 1 – November 30, 1981.

Neon Fronts: Luminous Art for the Urban Landscape. A series of thirteen site-specific neon installations in storefronts and on buildings throughout downtown. Ten of the thirteen were newly commissioned works. Artists include Stephen Antonakos, William Christenberry, Chryssa, Gene Davis, Robert Dick, Laddie Dill, William Fallon, Bill Kane, Stephen Ludlum, Cork Marcheschi, Jerry Noe, Bruce Nauman, Keith Sonnier. Curated by Olivia Georgia.Lebron XIII Elite PE


March 10 – April 4, 1981.

Streetworks. 13 public art projects done as guerrilla installations in non-art settings. Curated by Al Nodal and Joy Silverman.Sneakers

Richard Alpert: Gyro

December 12, 1981. Richard Alpert. Gyro. A performance about landing an airplane that used drawing and narrative and was followed by a slide elcture and a video tape on art and play.Air Jordan Sneaker

Lucinda Childs Dance Company: Dance Dance Dance

October 29 and 30, 1981.

Lucinda Childs Dance Company. Dance Dance Dance. A collaborative dance performance with music by Phillip Glass and film by Sol Lewitt.Adidas Alphabounce Boost

Betsy Damon: What Do You Think About Knives?

May 20, 1981.

Betsy Damon. What Do You Think About Knives? A public performance at Dupont Circle during lunch hour.

Erotic Lettres from Bourgeoisie

April 16-19 and 22-26, 1981.

Erotic Lettres from Bourgeoisie. A Willow Theatre Guild production that recreated a cabaret atmosphere as a setting for various affairs of the heart.Air Jordan II High

Rodforce: Fault

April 15, 1981.

Rodforce (Sherman Fleming). Fault. Multicultural body/performance artwork concerned with social gathering, extra-bodily constructs and stamina.Women’s Fashion

Johanna Boyce and Group

April 10-12, 1981.

Johanna Boyce and Group. Two dance works.

Fear and Loathing in Gotham

April 3-5, 1981.

Fear and Loathing in Gotham. Revival by Ping Chong and the Fiji Company of an important work in the early stages of 1970s performance art, loosely based on Fritz Lang’s film “M.”Kids Clothes